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How Acupuncture has helped

Since 1993 Michael has treated many patients with great success for a wide variety of symptoms. Here is just a small selection of some of his clients stories.

Steve White

Steve White is one of the world's top drummers. A member of Paul Weller's groups since the Style Council days, he has guested with many, many artists including the Who (Live8) and Oasis. His demanding tour schedule first brought him to have Acupuncture with Michael. Suffering from repetitive shoulder and hand discomfort, Steve found that Acupuncture helped alleviate the problems. With subtle changes of technique and periodic Acupuncture treatment, he no longer suffers from repetitive strain. His drumming has never been better !


John suffers from occasional shoulder and lower back problems usually brought on by the lifting associated with caring for his handicapped wife. He has appreciated the effectiveness of Acupuncture treatment with Michael in helping to relieve him of discomfort and keeping problems from reoccurring.


Suzie came to see Michael for Acupuncture treatment to induce labour during her second pregnancy. The treatment was so successful (she gave birth the next day) that she has been a devotee of acupuncture ever since. Suzie had regular Acupuncture during her third pregnancy which she feels helped her to an easy birth. Now she maintains treatment with Michael for general health balance and pain free menstrual cycles.


Les came to Michael suffering from gout and found that the Acupuncture eased the pain and inflammation considerably. With the application of sound dietary advice and acupuncture the problem has stayed away. Les has also found acupuncture invaluable in recovery from a tendon operation after a ski-ing accident.


Sandra came to Michael suffering from a variety of health issues including arthritis, migraines and sinus problems. Not sure what acupuncture could offer, she was delighted to find that after a course of treatment her arthritis eased off, the migraines stopped and her sinuses became much clearer. Periodic acupuncture treatments help maintain her well-being and quality of life.


Irene came for Acupuncture treatment with Michael suffering from a stubborn skin rash on her leg. A course of Acupuncture helped clear up the problem and also dealt with a shoulder and back problem she had been suffering with. Acupuncture along with Chinese herbal medicine can be effective for numerous skin conditions.


I saw Michael at his clinic; when I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy in September 2020. Current NHS treatment is to wait and see if it gets better, which didn’t sit well with me.

Whilst I searched for an acupuncturist that I felt had knowledge of the condition, I came across Michael’s credentials. He was the only therapist I found within travelling distance  that was knowledgeable of facial paralysis.

Michael is highly experienced , professional, calm, gentle and caring. My GP had said just wait and see if it improve; so it felt proactive to have acupuncture appointments every week and see little improvements and gradually my facial movement returned.

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone considering acupuncture as a treatment.